by Katya Lavrovskaya
15 мая 2015

DIOR CRUISE in Cannes Festival

Every time the Cruise time comes, the Glorious Fashion House DIOR sets up a new Fantastic Scenography, that according to Raf Simmons always has a specific theme: last time we flew  to Tokyo and revisited a classical Dior cut with a Japanese touch.полностью

1 февраля 2015

Pre-Fall Best Selection!

Allow me to show you some of the best Pre-Fall collections that I found absolutely amazing for the upcoming season!MARNI's got an intellectual approach, yet this sophistication goes along with the mainstream! Check out the plaids!I mentioned the plaids because it's an absolute MUST HAVE next season.полностью



Milanio - Ткани Pret-a-Porter и Haute Couture