by Katya Lavrovskaya
1 февраля 2015

Pre-Fall Best Selection!

Allow me to show you some of the best Pre-Fall collections that I found absolutely amazing for the upcoming season!MARNI's got an intellectual approach, yet this sophistication goes along with the mainstream! Check out the plaids!I mentioned the plaids because it's an absolute MUST HAVE next season.полностью

30 января 2015

My very Haute Couture Birthday in Paris Spring/Summer 2015

I am really sorry, I've got to confess - I was gonna celebrate the time of my life in Paris - My Birthday Party behind the scene of the Haute Couture! The atmosphere was great! I was warmly welcomed by my friends in Hotel Costes, I had a great temporary accommodation at the Georgian House of ULYANA SERGEENKO, I flew to the Moon with CHRISTIAN DIOR, I came back to to Dante's Florentine Paradise in a sweet company of VALENTINO, I backed up in a imaginary garden of GIAMBATTISTA VALLI and had a paparazzi shot at VERSACE.полностью



Milanio - Ткани Pret-a-Porter и Haute Couture