by Katya Lavrovskaya
19 ноября 2015

Just a few abstract ideas that might change your Summer looks!

I have looked through the most interesting collections this summer and would like to introduce to you some of my favorite looks that will be hot and fresh at the same time! Here are some of themI definately would like to start with a very talented Ksenia Schnaider who refers in her collection to the combined image of a typical Ucrainian "Zarobitchanin"- the hard labour man with those pixel flowers that have been later seen in Givenchy and I found them quite amazingHere is one more look to die forof the orange pixel beauty by Ksenia SchnaiderPaired with Blumarine hot decoleté seems a nice idea for me I would try to make it work with some funny bag for the hot summer!Sara Bataglia's bags has got the world recognition and love for their funky trendy looks and affordability! They will look perfect with Ksenia Schnaider's elaborated outfits!My next favorite look is the effortless bohemic touch of MSGM paired with a Blugirl bag and possibly flat fringee shoes! It is still playing with the ochra orange kind of pixel attitude that I found already amazing previouslyHere is one more MSGM cool dresses always in my beloved abstract themeThat are easily paired with Blugirl sport shoes and Sara Batagla's fringe bag!!Here we go! Next step will be made for MEN!полностью

21 октября 2015

Milan Street Style или немного о Стрит Мифах после недель Моды

За последние несколько недель в интернет пространстве вышло рекордное количество статей о том, как стало неприлично «одеваться» на  модные показы, о том, всех настоящих экспертов замучили street фотографы, о том, как вдруг, как то внезапно, вернулись в моду так называемые «серые кардиналы» Fashion закулисья.полностью



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