by Katya Lavrovskaya
30 января 2015

My very Haute Couture Birthday in Paris Spring/Summer 2015

I am really sorry, I've got to confess - I was gonna celebrate the time of my life in Paris - My Birthday Party behind the scene of the Haute Couture! The atmosphere was great! I was warmly welcomed by my friends in Hotel Costes, I had a great temporary accommodation at the Georgian House of ULYANA SERGEENKO, I flew to the Moon with CHRISTIAN DIOR, I came back to to Dante's Florentine Paradise in a sweet company of VALENTINO, I backed up in a imaginary garden of GIAMBATTISTA VALLI and had a paparazzi shot at VERSACE.полностью

20 января 2015

Boys and Girls round and about the Milan Fashion Week for Men A/I 2016

First of all, congratulations, maestro! All the photographers were screaming - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! before the show. The collection is simply perfect. Gender relativeness, the one we shall see later on, here is taken with a nonchalance elegance: boys and girls perfectly matched in their masculine outfits and especially tuxedos! Perfection!Наши поздравления великому маэстро - оду в честь Дня Рождения Джоржио Армани спели даже фотографы! Коллекция вне всякой критики! То гендерное смещение, которое я увидела в коллекциях, здесь приобрело оттенок очаровательного маскулизма у девочек и подчеркнутых черной подводкой глаз у мальчиков.полностью