by Katya Lavrovskaya
8 апреля 2013

Moscow. MBFW. best moments!

Come and enjoy with me the best moments of the Moscow MBFW. Snow, cold wind and lots of cool Fashion people!

BEssArion Fashion show

Glam First row

BEssArion creation

BEssArion final


Showman and a very fashionable Vlad Lisovets

Fashion editor Stas Reuth (NARGIZ)

Lots of fur and color by Alena Ahmadullina

Simachev bar afterparty

Vitaly Kozak - best Dj ever!

Ria Keburia (Georgia)


Leonid Alexeev(Saint Petersburg)

Moscow spring

Artem Balaev(Aurora FW), Gosha and Anastasia Dianova (Aurora FW)

PPL bar after party with Victoria Chacun

Dima Shabalin (NUMERO)

Kristina at backstage Tatyana Parfyonova

Fragile beauty of Tatyana Parfyonova

Amazing and beautiful Diana Vishneva, the Russian ballet queen at Tatyana Parfyonova


Marina Demchenko & Daniil Tolmachev (Fashion Collection)

Ria Keburia

Stas Reuth


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