by Katya Lavrovskaya
4 июля 2013

My lovely Paris. Man Fashion week

The pursuit of the Man's style is something really amazing - as it lays out there behind creativeness and prettiness of the girlish baby dolls game or even behind the solemn beauty of Haute Couture.

Now when the Man Fashion shows are over, I still nostalgically replay the best moments of this impeccable style that gathered us all together in Florence, Milan and Paris to have a view of what the real Man and his everyday outfits are. After the creative mood of the Florentine dandy and the cheerful romantic mood of the Milanese boys, the time has come to review the austere yet creative Paris style.

I will start from DIOR HOMME that had a great impact on me in terms of ideas that literary found there reflection in Art mingled together with Fashion.

Kris van Assche has taken his inspiration in the famous Artist John Chamberlain who was famous for his mirrors display. Not only the designer has decorated the show with the mirror labyrinth that literary was cutting and transforming the models outfits, but the whole collection had this mirror inspiration with the light reflecting patchworks on the innovative fabrics,  creating a classical man's suit with a modern touch. 

The collection therefore looked modern yet quite austere like a school uniform ( an inspiration from the last summer)

The shoes with metal inserts are not heavy at all - the microfibra and a plastic insert instead of metal plaque make them totally light and fancy to wear

The French cinema movie stars have appreciated the perfect style

With Karl Lagerfeld, wearing DIOR Homme

My favorite piece - the leather framed sun glasses for a cool summer

Kriss Van Assche himself has contributed to the geometrical patterns in the personally signed collection

Francesco Smalto has travelled to Capri with his Talented Mr.Ripley in a studied research of a real Italian style

With Mr. Jitrois himself at Francesco Smalto

Street style research at VALENTINO show

Andre Saravia (@baronandre) at VALENTINO HOMME

A special thanks to LANVIN, that has gathered us early in the morning a l'Ecole des Beaux Arts to display his strong and eclectic Man, still military as the last year but with a look of an old style Dandy

Diane Pernet before the Rick Owens show just perfectly matches the totally amazing terrifying show by Rick Owens

With this Estonian band Viinie le Pugh, literary smashing everything from the scene, the Rick Owens show had a double impact

The Korean singer Mr.Taeyang at Rick Owens show

Sabina Kristensen and Le Parisien at Givenchy

Givenchy show

And Finally The Last most impressive show Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. The Rock'n'roll is alive and still rocking under the label of the reanimated Fashion House. The  Music idols like David Bowie, David Sylvian or Matt Hitt obviously had their impact on the designer in his pursuit of everlasting rock style, notably popular in their 80th.  Skin jeans, thin waist - the incarnation of the Fashion rollin' generation was all there! Especially with the drama scenery and wonderful soundtrack from Garage California

At the entrance of the show
Mila Jovovich heading to the show

Salma Hayek is always coming to the shows with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault

Voilà Saint Laurent! And bye-bye Paris till September


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