by Katya Lavrovskaya
7 мая 2012

Vladislav Aksenov sexy show JUSTINE in St. Petersburg

Vladislav Aksenov is one of the most provocative designers of St.Petersburg! His shows are always seen as a pure provocation against the proper and solemn city style. In his last show JUSTINE the designer tried to display a naughty side of a girl, her sweet and innocent sex appeal. Transparence and softness of the materials, the baby style, toys and stockings, yet a very experienced and soffisticated sensuality - that's the new collection. Now available in St.Petersburg!

Justine was a famous demi-monde girl 

Justine could make men go crazy!

 Vladislav Aksenov

... receives a treatment!

Quite unexpected!

Angelica Wagner at backstage party

Veronika Eyskova at backstage party


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