by Katya Lavrovskaya
29 мая 2012

Апулия в картинках

I came to the South of Italy with a strange feeling - I thought I had to display a role of a pure tourist:  la Burrata fresh cheese, old cities and San Nicola cathedral. On the other hand I had no idea about the mystic beauty of this incredible land. It seemed to me that I have undertaken a special voyage to the past, to the hidden treasures, to something totally forgotten but amazingly modern in a certain way.

Take a look at the White city of OSTUNI, at the fairytale village of ALBEROBELLO, at the lazy and very relaxed men in the city of my immaginary path to the history of this land.

The Trulli village

The old agricultural buildings in Alberobello

A solemn wedding in the Trulli village

Bari old town

Bari gentelmen

A city of Ostuni

Our dearest cicerone - Omar!

The old old olives

White city of Ostuni

Polignano al Mare

TAGS: Ostuni, Trulli

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